Ringgold Webinar Series 2018

Ringgold held two informative webinars for our customers and contacts in May 2018:

500,000 Organizations & Counting: What We’ve Learned

Organizations are critical players in the world of scholarship and research, and Ringgold has been helping our clients understand them since 2003. We’ve created nearly 500,000 unique organizational records over the last 15 years, a period when research has become increasingly dependent on interconnected systems and data. On May 3 2018 we ran an informative session sharing insights into the changing nature of organizations, what it takes to classify and describe them with precision, and why high-quality data about them is necessary to succeed in this digital age of scholarship, publishing, and research.

Bringing it All Together: Uniting Data Sources to Reach Your Goals

What can you achieve when internal & external data sources are joined together? On 10 May 2018 Ringgold shared ideas and experiences from 15 years of helping clients do just that. From enterprises looking to understand total customer engagement to universities gauging research impact, success stories and examples were shared that can be utilized to help advance your goals.

To download the Slides for the webinar, please click here.