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Obtain multiple new Ringgold Identifiers, without delay

The Validate Service enables Identify customers to obtain Ringgold Identifiers for organizations which are not currently held in the Identify Database, with immediate effect.

Validate enables clients to create new Ringgold IDs for:

For many of our Identify customers, it is important to be able to check or create a new organizational record quickly in order to set up a new customer account, author or prospect. Validate enables the user to do this without waiting for a new audit or audit update of their data.

How It Works

Users search for an organization, either in the Identify Online interface, or in their internal systems if the Identify Database is taken in-house; if the relevant organization does not appear to be in Identify, the organization can be added immediately to the database and a unique Ringgold ID obtained.

Ringgold’s specialist staff and researchers manually check all entries made in the Validate system. A monthly report provides cumulative counts for all accepted new records created for the current month and year-to-date.

When a provisional Validate Ringgold ID is rejected, or found to be a duplicate of an existing Identify Database record, customers are notified the next day and the provisional number is deleted, not recycled.

Ringgold: a Trusted Data Partner

Since 2005, the Identify Database has been adopted by more than 80 association & scholarly publishers,
universities, and organizations active in science and research.
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