Ringgold to Open ISNI for Organizations to the World

2 November 2016. Ringgold, an ISNI Registration Agency, has released a free service to provide open access to the ISNI Identifiers and data for organizations. This includes: 

  • An API to obtain and resolve existing ISNIs for organizations
  • A complete dataset download of ISNIs, organization names, locations, alternate names, and URLs
  • A free online look-up service to search and obtain ISNI records

ISNI is an ISO international standard bridge identifier used to link data among disparate datasets. Any dataset mapped to ISNIs, whether open or proprietary, can be linked together to provide interoperability between systems to benefit the entire scholarly community.

The ISNI number and associated data may be used openly and without restriction.

Ringgold is in no way taking over responsibility of ISNI for organizations; the management and governance of ISNI remains with the ISNI International Agency, a non-profit organization. In our capacity as an ISNI Registration Agency, we have created Open ISNI for Organizations as a conduit to ease access, increase adoption, and improve the utility of ISNI.

We hope this will facilitate the use of ISNI for Organizations throughout our community as an open bridge identifier across a myriad of use cases.

For access to this free service and for more information please see: https://isni.ringgold.com

For further information about ISNI, please see: https://www.isni.org

Contact: isni@ringgold.com