Ringgold Launches ProtoView

Beaverton, OR, USA.

Ringgold is delighted to announce a new service for publishers which simplifies the process of creating and disseminating comprehensive metadata for web-scale discovery and Demand-Driven Acquisition. ProtoView puts quality book, e-book and database information in the hands of end-users at the point of use and purchase.

ProtoView is a cost effective, single source solution for publishers to enhance content discoverability. It includes the creation of standards compliant, enriched and normalized metadata about each title which is fed directly into the scholarly supply chain, including discovery services, aggregators, and vendors.

Publishers provide Ringgold with their content, either in print or online, along with any existing metadata. Ringgold’s professional writers produce an objective and keyword-rich summary of each title. Ringgold builds an extensive metadata record from MARC records, original research, standard identifiers and our authoritative Identify Database. Records are distributed in accepted industry standard formats to our network of licensees.

All metadata is also provided on ProtoView.com. This fully searchable website was designed for librarians and patrons to search and browse, and to set new title alerts according to their interests.

Laura Cox, Chief Marketing Officer of Ringgold said: “We are excited to announce this new service, which we believe is timely given the rapidly changing discovery and acquisition environment. Our aim is to help publishers gain the most from these new landscapes and maximize exposure to their content. ProtoView has been developed from existing services acquired in 2012 and reinvented as a next generation promotional service for scholarly content.”

Ringgold will be launching ProtoView at the London Book Fair, please drop by stand O660, or contact info@ringgold.com to book an appointment.

About Ringgold

Ringgold (www.ringgold.com) has created a process for the identification of institutions and the relationships between organizations. Each institutional entity has been assigned its own unique Ringgold ID, which is mapped to the organizational hierarchy and a range of classification metadata, including consortium membership.  It also provides services to publishers to enhance the discovery of scholarly books and e-books. It summarizes the content of books and provides them along with enhanced standard metadata directly to a wide range of discovery channels, including a website for librarians.

Ringgold provides the following main services:
– Identify – a database of over 350,000 organizations with Ringgold IDs and associated metadata
– CDO – a directory of over 400 library consortia world-wide which licence online content
– ProtoView – a service for publishers in the enhancement of book and e-book discovery .