Ringgold Launches New Identify Online Platform

October 10, 2017 – Beaverton OR.  Ringgold is excited to announce the release of our new Identify  interface (IDO), a completely re-engineered solution.

We have built in faster and more intuitive search capabilities, a broader view of an institution’s metadata, easier downloads, much improved ability to filter and refine results, plus completely new features designed for power users.

Among the advanced new features are the ability to save searches for later use, share results with colleagues in your organization, and evaluate your interaction with organizations worldwide. Our customers have a range of needs that encompass everything from very simple searches for individual institutions to advanced data analysis which requires the comparison of complex results. The new IDO has been designed to accommodate these requisites, while retaining a natural user experience.

Ringgold has spent the last year building IDO as part of our commitment to our customers, and providing the tools necessary to better understand the world. We have expanded our capability to host customer data and provide an easier mechanism to search, analyze, and derive knowledge from the intersection of your data with the scholarly communications ecosystem.

Ringgold’s Jay Henry commented, “Identify is unique in so many ways, and building an application to unlock the power of data, whether ours or that of our customers, was always the goal of building a new online interface. I believe we have created a best in class platform that will provide clearer insight to a complex environment.”

About Ringgold

Ringgold (www.ringgold.com) has created a process for the identification of institutions and the relationships between organizations. Since 2003, Ringgold has been developing Identify, a curated authority file of more than 475,000 institutions spanning multiple industry sectors. Each institutional entry has been assigned its own unique and persistent Ringgold ID, which is mapped to the organizational hierarchy including deep classification metadata, such as consortium membership, the ISNI among other external identifiers. A full list of the publishers, intermediaries, and other types of institutions who have adopted Ringgold data can be viewed at Ringgold.com.