An agreement has been signed to provide services combining Ringgold’s Identify Database and PSI’s IP Registry

4th November 2016; Beaverton, Oregon and Oxford, UK. Ringgold and PSI have today signed an agreement that will enable both companies to provide services based on the power of combining Ringgold’s Identify Database and PSI’s IP Registry.

The process is underway to map Identify and the IP Registry. When our work is complete, these databases will be completely interoperable. This will allow Ringgold customers to license IP data for institutional records within Identify. Likewise, PSI customers will be able to licence Ringgold IDs, hierarchies and metadata.

The curated IP data in the IP Registry will be linked to Ringgold’s Institutional Identifiers, organizational hierarchies and rich metadata. Customers of both companies will be able to utilise the data from a single source, reducing time and effort to assess and analyse sales, licensing, usage, and authentication for their customers. 

Andrew Pitts, PSI CEO, said; “This is great news for the scholarly communication community; it makes perfect sense for the premier providers of organizational hierarchy and validated IP range standards to combine data and sales efforts to offer their shared customers the added value of a joined-up service wherein Ringgold and IP Registry organizational IDs are mapped”.

Laura Cox, President of Ringgold, said; “We’re excited to be part of the solution to a substantial and widespread challenge in our industry. By mapping Ringgold IDs to the IP Registry data, publishers can better determine licensing arrangements and usage in conjunction with their authentication systems to provide accurate access to entitled users. This data will provide the basis for an entirely new class of industry solutions”.

About Ringgold
Ringgold ( has created a process for the identification of institutions and the relationships between organizations. After more than 11 years, Ringgold has built Identify, a curated authority file of more than 400,000 institutions spanning multiple industry sectors. Each institutional entry has been assigned its own unique Ringgold ID, which is mapped to the organizational hierarchy and a range of classification metadata, including consortium membership and the ISNI.

About PSI
Publisher Solutions International, Ltd. (PSI) ( is an independent third-party, which enables publishers and membership societies to work together securely and confidentially towards the common goal of clean and accurate usage metrics across all content and platforms including Open Access titles and repositories.

About The IP Registry
The IP Registry ( is a single repository of the validated IP addresses for over 60,000 content licensing organisations worldwide, accessible by both publishers and libraries and maintained for the benefit of the whole scholarly communication community by PSI, based in Oxford, UK and Boston, USA.

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