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Identify Database

Track & Manage Research More Effectively

Spend Time Fulfilling Your Mission – Not Wrangling Your Data

Effective tracking and management of grants and research activity depends on multiple systems and increasing amounts of data.

Ringgold ensures your data is fit for purpose: standardized, interoperable, and suitable for decision support. Organizations play multiple roles in any grants or research database: funders, affiliations of grantees, research labs, publishers, and more. Ringgold’s Identify Database covers them all, providing you with a curated global reference file of over 600,000 organizations active in research and scholarship. A solid data foundation, with structured organizational entity records, can ensure you spend your energies on fulfilling your mission – not wrangling data.

The Identify Database allows you to normalize and enrich your data so that you can:

Identify Database: a singular resource

The Identify Database aims to be a complete reference database of organizations to support master data management:

Ringgold: a Trusted Data Partner

Since 2005, the Identify Database has been adopted by more than 80 association & scholarly publishers, universities, and organizations active in science and research.   
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Ringgold Organization Identifier   

  • Unique numerical ID to disambiguate each organization
  • Facilitates linking between systems
  • Links to ISNI, IPEDS, NCES, Open Funder Registry IDs

Geographic & Demographic Metadata    

  • Up to 25 pieces of structured data: Location, Subjects, Tiers, Industry Sector, Size, and more
  • Augments understanding of each organization
  • Powers multifaceted analysis

Parent / Child Links   

  • The most complete hierarchical structures available
  • Reveal connections between related organizations such as departments and universities, subsidiaries, government agencies.
  • Enables reporting at any level of an organization

Get started

License options: Annual subscription or perpetual use licenses are available. Fees are based on the size of your organization

Delivery formats: Identify Database licenses include access to support a variety of workflows & implementations:

  • Local hosting: complete database or delta files delivered weekly
  • API / webservice
  • Identify Online interface

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Identify Audit Service: Let Ringgold’s experts normalize & enrich your data. More information >>

Validate Service: The fastest way to request a new master record and Ringgold ID. More information >>

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