Meet Ringgold in Boston at SSP 2017

Data-driven enterprises depend on quality data.

Ringgold supports more than 80 companies, turning their information into an asset. Our Identify Database and related solutions can be used to resolve data quality issues, enhance business development, and gain 360-degree insight into your enterprise.

The Identify Database is a single source of authoritative institutional information, making the following possible:

  • Achieve a 360-degree view of your interaction with subscribers, funders, author affiliations, sponsors, and other constituents
  • Interoperate with other persistent IDs: ORCID, ISNI, Open Funder Registry IDs
  • Break down data silos: AMS, CRM, finance, fulfillment, peer review, marketing, and more
  • Produce seamless workflows
  • Normalize names and other key data elements for all organizations
  • Support data governance and master data management

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Join our Identify User Group Meeting & Happy Hour

Friday June 2, 5pm – 8pm. Speakers include Andrea Lopez of Annual Reviews.
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