Laura Cox at ALPSP seminar

Laura Cox spoke about Institutional Identifiers internally and throughout the supply chain at the ALPSP Seminar ‘Data, The Universe and Everything’ on the 22nd January 2014. The seminar focused on using internal data to support business decisions, improve communications both internally, throughout the supply chain, and directly with customers.

Laura discussed how using Institutional Identifiers can benefit publishers and the wider scholarly supply chain. The session addressed how you can use institutional identification internally for data cleansing, data governance and to link data previously held in separate silos. Metadata associated with institutions can be more readily collated and used to benefit decisions and internal workflows in any organisation involved in scholarly communications. There are a large number of different identifiers already in existence, all used for different purposes.

The session addressed untangling what is already in existence and how these identifiers can be linked and used across the supply chain for efficiency and to smooth the process of providing services from author to reader.

Laura’s PowerPoint presentation is available to download here.
A report of the event can be found on the ALPSP blog.

The presentation audio is also available to download as a podcast:

Institutional Identifiers internally and throughout the supply chain [ 29:30 ] Download