Introducing ‘The Ringgold Challenge’

Good business intelligence drives good business decisions

Successful sales strategies – for market penetration, growth and retention – require customer data and processes that are fit for purpose. But for many publishers, legacy and third party data is clouding the picture and blocking progress.

Do you know enough about your customers to drive your business forward?

With The Ringgold Challenge, you can check. It’s a 15-question survey that scores your organization’s customer data management against proposed best practice.

Try it now

You’ll get an immediate score against best practice, and be eligible to receive an exclusive report of anonymized findings, to help you benchmark your performance against other organizations. And you’ll be able to repeat the exercise in future to help you assess the impact of ongoing improvements.

The Ringgold Challenge is free, and there’s no limit to the number of staff from any organization that can participate – it’s designed for sales, marketing, customer service, technology and executive staff.

Find out how your organization rates: take 10 minutes to take The Ringgold Challenge today – and don’t forget to forward it to your colleagues.