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Effective enterprise management depends upon our ability to trust and leverage our most important asset: our data. Organizations are a component of every business, and they are represented in every data set as customers, prospects, constituents, and affiliations of individuals. Normalizing and enriching organization-related data is a major step in treating your data like the valuable asset it is. Ringgold’s database of organizations is the leading resource serving the scholarly, academic, and research fields. Ringgold’s data can be used within your organization to better understand an increasingly complex constituent base, navigate the wider marketplace, and make informed strategic decisions.

The Identify Database contains almost 600,000 organizations in all countries and sectors including academia, corporations, hospitals, and government entities. Continuously expanded and curated by our team of 40 trained information professionals, the Identify Database covers the world of organizations which matter to our clients.

The Identify Database

The power behind Ringgold’s Identify Database

Ringgold Organization Identifier 

The Ringgold Identifier is a unique numerical identifier. Its purpose is to disambiguate organizations. Ringgold IDs are used to enforce data governance practices and eliminate duplicate records. This unique ID is also a powerful tool for joining records across internal and external systems.

Detailed Organization Data  

Each organization is described with up to 25 pieces of structured metadata including: full legal name, location, alternate names, URL, size metrics, tier, subjects, industry sector, and more.

Linked Hierarchies  

Related organizations are linked together, such as universities and their departments, or corporate entities with subsidiary firms or divisions. Ringgold hierarchies are key to understanding complex relationships and the wider market.

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License options: Annual subscription or perpetual use licenses are available. Fees are based on the size of your organization

Delivery formats: Identify Database licenses include access to support a variety of workflows & implementations

  • Local hosting: complete database or delta files delivered weekly
  • API / webservice
  • Identify Online interface
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Identify Audit Service: Let Ringgold’s experts normalize & enrich your data. More information >>

Validate Service: The fastest way to request a new master record and Ringgold ID. More information >>

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Ringgold: a Trusted Data Partner

Since 2005, the Identify Database has been adopted by more than 80 association & scholarly publishers,
universities, and organizations active in science and research.
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