Identify Database

Simplify a Complex Network of Organizations

An authoritative database to benefit your entire organization

  • Comprehensive authority file to normalize organization data
  • Support data governance
  • Eliminate duplicate records
  • Map data across external and internal systems
  • Reveal prospects and opportunities
  • Communicate more effectively with external partners
  • Support author affiliation

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The Identify Database can be used within your organization to better understand an increasingly complex customer base, navigate the wider marketplace, and make informed strategic decisions. As the Ringgold Identifier continues to be adopted across the supply chain, you can communicate more efficiently with external partners.

Built by our team of 40 trained information professionals, this database of more than 400,000 organizations covers all countries and all industry sectors including corporations, hospitals, and government entities. Continuously updated and maintained, Identify covers the world of organizations, from a publisher’s point of view.


The Cornerstone of Good Data Health

Scholarly publishers have many kinds of organizational relationships to manage: the same organization may act as a subscriber, funder of research, or an author affiliation. Data about any institution is likely to reside in multiple data silos. Our organizational authority file can link disparate records into a comprehensive view. Trust in data and reporting increases, allowing you to make more confident business decisions.

See how other clients used Identify to inform both tactical and strategic decision-making.

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