Identify Online free lookup service

Guest access for the Identify Database

Ringgold’s Identify Online Free Lookup service provides limited guest access to the database and allows people to view a summary of their own organization’s Identify Database record. The Free Lookup service can be found by registering at

Please be advised that this complimentary service is limited to:

  • 7 days access only
  • 10 searches per day
  • a maximum of 10 results per search
  • a restricted view of the record containing the Ringgold Identifier (a unique number we assign to each organizational record), ISNI number, and location information only.

How do I find a Ringgold ID for my organization

You will need to be as specific as possible in your search e.g. University of ‘X’ Department of ‘Y’.

If you can’t find your organization or if there are changes you would like to suggest for your organization’s Identify record, kindly contact us at

How do I see more Identify Records

The full Ringgold Identify Database consists of over 500,000 unique organizational records with rich metadata attached: official and alternate names, location, demographic types and tiers assigned by Ringgold researchers, size, and the unique Ringgold Identifier (Ringgold ID). Organized hierarchically, each entity, and its parts, are linked to related organizations such as library systems, university systems, consortia, governmental agencies, and corporate entities.

Full access to the Identify Database, including complete metadata, hierarchies, and integration capabilities, is available through a variety of licensing options. Please let us know if you would like further information or visit

Download our flyer Ringgold Identify Database & Services.

I’m an ORCID user

If you have come to us via ORCID please visit this link for more information about determining your Ringgold ID

I need an ISNI number

We hold ISNI numbers alongside the Ringgold ID in the Identify Database for over 500,000 organizational records. To look-up an organization and its ISNI number for free, please use the database search facility via the Identify Online Free Lookup service, with the same search restrictions as above.

If you find that your organization is not listed in Identify and you wish to obtain an ISNI number from us please visit for further information.