Identify Database Reaches 125,000 Records

Beaverton, Oregon; Crystal River, Florida; Bristol, UK

Ringgold is pleased to announce that its Identify worldwide database of institutions and related metadata now exceeds 125,000 records, the latest benchmark set late in 2007 when the database contained fewer than 75,000 records. Each record contains a unique identifier and other essential information about the institution and its relationship to other organizations, including its consortia memberships, affiliated purchasing groups and other related institutions, each displayed in its hierarchy with its “parent and children”.

Nearly all of the records in the database relate to organizations that purchase academic and research material, usually through subscription. More than 40 publishers currently use Ringgold’s database and its related services to organize their customer data, prepare quotations for licenses and deals, and also for market analysis. For example, where the publisher loads subscriber data into Identify, Ringgold’s web service supports extensive searching, standard reporting, market penetration surveys and “gap” analysis. Ringgold works with other publisher services companies and consultants, including software and service providers such as DataSalon (, Ingenta ( and Thomson Reuters (

The National Standards Information Organization (NISO) supports a working group tasked with the goal of creating a national standard for institutional identification. Helen Henderson, Ringgold’s VP of Marketing, Research and Development, acts as consultant to this NISO I2 Working Group on Institutional Identifiers, which is establishing standards for applications in e-resource publishing, e-learning, institutional repositories, and library management systems.

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About Ringgold

Ringgold is based in Beaverton, Oregon, Crystal River, Florida, and Bristol, England. Its mission is to help publishers and software vendors improve their marketing and reduce their costs in supplying products and services within the information industry. Ringgold’s two branded services are OpenIdentify – providing unique identification of organizations subscribing to electronic journals, and OpenRFP – providing an online eProcurement system where software vendors present functions to libraries that use the information for creating RFPs or requests for tender.