Identify Database New Hierarchy Subscription Display

For clients using Identify Online, and who have their audited subscription data hosted, we are pleased to announce an enhancement to make discovering your total holdings within an organization easier and clearer. This improvement consists of two components:

New Method of Looking for Subscriptions in a Hierarchy

Identify Online is organized hierarchically, using parent-child relationships, as shown here:

To determine whether a given institution has subscribers in its hierarchy, Identify now searches for subscriptions both up & down the hierarchy in two ways:

  • UP the direct line of parents and grandparents from the institution in question. In the example above, to determine if RIN 33907 has subscriptions in its hierarchy, we look UP at RIN 5228 and RIN 5229 only.
  • DOWN through all children of the institution in question. To see if RIN 33907 has subscriptions in the hierarchy, we will look down at RIN 173183.
  • If subscriptions are found either directly above or below the institution, you will now see an icon indicating there are subscriptions in the hierarchy.

Note: Organizations with more than one parent, as indicated with a dotted bar preceeding their name, will be treated differently:

  • When searching DOWN a hierarchy, Identify will not consider organisations with multiple ownership as the subscription relationship may very from customer to customer and between Ringgold’s clients. Therefore in the example below, while RIN 3065 has a subscription, its direct descendants (indicated with a solid bar) indicate that there is a subscription in their direct hierarchy. However, as RIN 90589 has multiple ownership, it is not considered to be in RIN 3065’s direct hierarchy, and therefore does not indicate the presence of a subscription in its hierarchy.

New Icons to Indicate the Presence of Subscriptions in a Hierarchy

There are now four possible subscription status indicators, which will appear in the search results screen or in a hierarchy summary view.