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Ringgold provides two types of organizational identifiers:

Ringgold Identifier

Register for guest access to search Ringgold’s Identify Database of almost 600,000 organizations. This free service can be used to find existing Ringgold IDs. >> More information about this service

International Standard Name Identifier

Ringgold has made available a free service providing open access to existing ISNI Identifiers for organizations.
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All Ringgold IDs are mapped to an ISNI, so a Ringgold ID should suffice.

If you can’t find the ID you need

If you have already registered for and used the Identify Database free lookup but still can’t find your Organization then we may need to create a new identifier for it. Please complete the following form to help us serve you quickly. Our goal is to contact you with the information you need within one business day.

Please note: Ringgold may provide an identifier for most academic organizations. For non-academic organizations, Ringgold can only verify registered businesses. We cannot provide identifiers for sole traders or independent researchers unless they work in a scholarly profession, e.g. dentists, medical doctors, general practitioners, pharmacists, architects, engineers (degree based), geologists, physicists and chemists etc.  

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Tell me about the different IDs that Ringgold offers

Ringgold’s Identify Database is the leading organizational reference database containing almost 600,000 organizations in all countries and sectors including academia, corporations, hospitals, and government entities. Each organization record and its constituent parts is assigned a unique Ringgold ID.
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All Ringgold Identify records contain an ISNI [ISO 27729] that are used to uniquely identify individuals and organizations. Ringgold is an approved registration agency for ISNI.
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Both IDs have been designed to act as a ‘bridge identifier’ to link systems where comprehensive information is held. The biggest difference between a Ringgold ID and an ISNI is the amount of data behind the identifier- Ringgold holds comprehensive information about organizations, including data about related organizations (hierarchies), while the ISNI does not. Ringgold’s complete data is proprietary and available by subscription, where the ISNI database is publicly available.

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