Frontline GMS and Ringgold launch unique consortium resource

Towcester, UK; Beaverton, Oregon and Crystal River, Florida, USA.

The Consortium Directory Online (CDO), a collaboration between Frontline GMS and Ringgold, has now been launched and is available at It is the most comprehensive directory of the library consortium market available.

Features include:

  • Search for consortia by region, country, name or acronym, subject speciality, membership type and consortium type
  • Search and browse by institution and the products licensed
  • Analysis tools to determine market penetration and targets
  • Ringgold identifiers are used to cross-match institutions and the publishers and vendors licensing information to the consortium
  • Each record includes full contact information, including key contacts for licence negotiation
  • Each record lists members and publishers and vendors licensing to the consortium
  • Export of records into Excel format or PDF

As well as the above content and features, Gold subscribers can access the following information:

  • Electronic content acquisition policy
  • Licensing information, including required licensing terms
  • The structure of the consortium, its aims and objectives, key activities and financial details
  • Links to FTE data, member contacts and products acquired by each institutional member
  • Gold subscribers may also integrate the Consortium Directory with the Ringgold database

Laura Cox, Managing Director of Frontline said: “We are delighted to launch the Directory Online , it will offer publishers and vendors an unrivalled resource to fully understand the complex and constantly changing consortium market. The analytical tools available allow publishers and vendors to see exactly what products the consortia are purchasing and compare vendor to vendor.”

Helen Henderson, Ringgold’s VP of Marketing, Research and Development said: “This new consortium resource enhances the Ringgold Identify services for any publisher, and substantially reduces the time taken to analyse the consortium holdings in order to provide accurate quotations for site licenses. For those publishers licensing the complete Identify database, the complete integration of this resource with Ringgold Identifiers will provide a valuable and competitive marketing opportunity”.
For further information, to arrange a live demonstration or for pricing, please contact

About Ringgold

More than 50 publishers currently use Ringgold’s database and its related services to organise their customer data, prepare quotations for licenses and deals, and also for market analysis. Ringgold partners with other publisher services companies and consultants, including software and service providers such as DataSalon, Ingenta and Thomson Reuters.

About Frontline

Frontline GMS was set up by Laura Cox in 2004 and provides sales and marketing consultancy services to the academic and professional publishing industry. Frontline specialised in advising publishers, vendors and intermediaries in several areas, specifically marketing strategy, PR, negotiating with library consortia, setting pricing and business models, and using and analysing subscription, customer and usage data. Frontline also undertook major research projects, and provided PR, consortia negotiation and data analysis.