Customer Bulletin Winter 2015

Welcome to Ringgold’s Winter 2015 Customer Bulletin. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and colleagues very happy holidays and to say thank you for your support over the last year – and over the last decade. In 2015, Ringgold marked the 10th anniversary since our founding. We are so grateful to you all for making us an integral part of your business, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come. Instead of sending greeting cards this year, we are making a contribution to Worldwide Cancer Research, a charity which funds research into any type of cancer anywhere in the world. Warmest wishes for the holiday season, from all of us here at Ringgold.

Don Chvatal

We regret to inform you that Don Chvatal passed away in October following a two-year battle with cancer. Don was an original founder of Ringgold, and played a critical role in building the successful organization the company has become today. We will miss him and we are sure that many in the scholarly community will, too.

New customers

We are delighted to welcome the following new customers:

  • American Society for Clinical Oncology
  • NACE International
  • University of Sydney

ScholarOne Manuscripts now features Identify Database for institutional affiliations

Ringgold is pleased to announce that the 4.18 release of ScholarOne Manuscripts has now integrated the Identify Database as an institutional authority file. ScholarOne’s robust application enforces accuracy standards for the institutional affiliations of authors, contributors, reviewers, and editors. A simple user interface enables users to select the correct institution from an Identify-populated search, embedding the Ringgold Identifier and Institution Name into the manuscript metadata and user profile. This feature is now active for all 6,400 journals served by ScholarOne Manuscripts.

Ringgold Identifiers and Institution Names for author affiliations will be transmitted to publishers via manuscript XML exports. Institution Names are also displayed in each journal’s administrator center, and may be included in customized reports generated via ScholarOne’s Cognos reporting system. All clients of ScholarOne Manuscripts may therefore benefit from normalized institution names and the industry-leading Ringgold Identifiers.

Existing clients of the Identify Database and Identify Audit Services, who have access to robust Identify Metatdata and Identify Hierarchies, will be able to use this data in a variety of ways:

  • Accurate analysis of your author, editor, and reviewer base
  • Comparison of editorial base to other silos which include embedded Identify data
  • More complete data governance of institutions across your organization
  • Inclusion of normalized affiliations in your online and print journals

All ScholarOne publishers will benefit from authoritative affiliation data, and the enhanced ability to share data across the journal ecosystem. For more information on the specifics of this integration, please contact your ScholarOne Manuscripts representative, or

New Identify Classifications

Clients of Identify Audit Services and the Identify Database (for local loading) are now regularly receiving the New Identify Classifications as part of their deliverables. Have you reviewed these new data elements? Have you determined which data will be of most use to your organization? We’d like your feedback and questions, so we can help you take full advantage of new information such as the Ringgold Subjects, Mission, Levels, and more. Contact your account representative if you need more information on accessing and leveraging this vast new data.

Three things you can do with the New Identify Classifications:
1. Determine granular areas of interest with Ringgold Subjects, such as Clinical Medicine/Oncology, Biology/Ecology, Physics/Particle Physics/High Energy Physics, or Materials Science/Semiconductors.
2. Navigate Identify Hierarchies more accurately with ‘Levels’ designating university systems, university main levels, or departments of study.
3. Support licensing decisions: ‘Sites’ verifies if an institution has a single site or multiple locations.

‘Setting The Standard’ at ALPSP

Phil Nicolson, Ringgold’s Data Manager, recently spoke at the ALPSP ‘Setting the Standard’ seminar (#alpspstandards). “The day was very informative, with a number of industry experts talking on topics as varied as Institutional and Individual identifiers, Journal Impact Factors and metadata standards; followed by a lively Q&A session. The number of delegates attending certainly highlighted once again how standards are playing an ever increasing role within the world of publishing,” Phil said. Phil’s own audio and slides on the benefit of institutional identifiers can be found on our website.

Frankfurt Book Fair Hotspot presentation

Infrastructure is something which is often overlooked, but as Ringgold clients you have committed to supporting better data infrastructure in your scholarly communications systems. To take a fresh look at how the Ringgold Identifier and other Ringgold data enables the smooth transfer of all manner of scholarly information, take a look at our presentation from the Frankfurt Book Fair Hot Spot stage.

Research to Reader conference

Ringgold is proud to sponsor WiFi access at the Researcher to Reader conference on February 15th and 16th at BMA House in London. Laura Cox will be chairing a workshop about the next iteration of the COUNTER Code of Practice. For more information please see

Please share this Customer Bulletin with your colleagues!

We use the Customer Bulletin to keep you up to date with new developments at Ringgold and so please pass the Bulletin on to your colleagues, and in particular your technical colleagues so that they are aware of new developments. If you would like to add someone to our circulation list for the Bulletin then please do sign them up here.

Keeping Identify up-to-date

The Identify Database has increased to 416,220 institutional records, and our ongoing maintenance continues with a total of 90,099 records updated so far this year. This month, we have reviewed two agricultural research networks; Ringgold ID 48405 Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization (Iran), and ID 42718 Agricultural Research Organization of Israel. We also recently updated records associated with ID 88879 Evonik Industries AG, and in Australia made major updates to ID 60577 Medicare Australia and ID 2222 Defence Science and Technology Group. We are continuing to migrate our customers to the new version of the Identify Database export, via ShareFile, and are including the new classifications.

Consortium Directory Online news

Our quarterly CDO newsletters have moved from the directory itself to a new home on our corporate website. Additionally, we’ll be sending the newsletters directly to CDO users as they get published. Please let us know if you or a colleague would like to be added to the email list. The Editorial Team has been adding consortia from the Middle East region. A particularly interesting new record is the Egyptian Knowledge Bank – a national licence programme – which will launch in January 2016 and provide free public access to a wide range of electronic information resources by international publishers. Furthermore, we have recently secured the member list of the CONSIRAN consortium in Iran and have updated this in CDO.

Please let us know if there is a consortium you would like us to add to the directory and we’ll be happy to do so. We have recently added the following consortium profiles to the Consortium Directory Online (CDO):

  • ID 438863, Egyptian Knowledge Bank
  • ID 438219, Electronic Library of Medicine – Jordan
  • ID 158280, Medical Libraries Consortium of Hawaii
  • ID 436479, Red Nacional Universitaria del Ministerio de Educacion Superior de Cuba
  • ID 439515, Research Council Oman E-Library

Christmas availability & support

Holiday staffing levels will be maintained throughout the Christmas period until 4 January. Ringgold will be closed on 25-28 December and 1 January. Emails will be monitored during the holiday period, although customers may not hear from their usual contact.

Identify Online will be updated every day except public holidays (December 25-28 and January 1). Identify Database exports will available on Thursdays 24 and 31 of December, a change from Fridays for the Christmas period only. Validate will be running as usual, except for public holidays (December 25-28 and January 1). Please send any issues or questions to