Customer Bulletin Summer 2013

ORCID using Ringgold as Registration Agency for ISNI Institutional Identifiers

ORCID has entered into an agreement with Ringgold to provide its database of institutional entities and associated unique institutional identifiers, in the form of Ringgold IDs and the forthcoming ISNI numbers.  These unique organizational identifiers will be used to support the accurate and persistent identification of researcher institutional affiliations in the ORCID Registry. ORCID provides researchers with the ability to obtain a unique ID which distinguishes a researcher from others and allows for accurate attribution of research output. The new agreement with Ringgold has numerous benefits to the research community:

  • Researchers can accurately state their institutional affiliations and keep them up to date
  • Research organizations can reduce the time-consuming process of maintaining up-to-date affiliation records and streamline access to institutional resources for their staff
  • Funders will be able to more easily track where the research they support is carried out
  • Publishers will be able to streamline the manuscript submission process and provide vital information for the automation of Article Publication Charges in open access journals.

For the full announcement, please click here.

Conference News

Jay Henry, Ringgold’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, spoke at the SSP 2013 Annual Conference in June on why web scale discovery matters, the role of metadata, and an appeal for standards.

The session ‘What Publishers Need to Know About Discovery Services’ explored important considerations for publishers regarding search & discovery, and the emerging impact of indexed discovery service products. It also examined the increasing need for clear metadata production targets for publishers and their partners to produce and deliver descriptive data required by new discovery platforms. His presentation emphasised the importance of  metadata, using descriptions of content to generate purchase and how its use is more important now than ever. Read a blog report of Jay’s session and see his presentation here.

Phil Nicolson, Ringgold’s Data Manager, spoke at the UKSG Annual Conference in April on ‘Rubbish in Rubbish out: Applying Good Data governance Techniques to Gain Maximum Benefit from Publisher Data’. Phil outlined the importance of applying good data governance techniques to gain maximum benefit from publisher data.  His presentation also discussed how using industry standard identifiers enables publishers and intermediaries to break down data silos, reduce costs and ultimately serve the scholarly community much more effectively. Phil’s PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here.

Ringgold will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair this October, stand N86. Let us know if you’d like to make an appointment,

Identify Database Updates

Here’s a round-up of all the latest Identify news:

Types Project

The reclassification of the database is underway. We have added facets to 37,000 academic records in the USA. We will be continuing to add the new information to the academic sector of the USA and UK and will be announcing the date of release of this data to customers in due course. Classifications will continue to be added to academic records and released in regional sections, before moving on to other sectors.


We have recently updated and added country codes:

  • South Sudan, SS
  • Kosovo, XK
  • Dutch Antilles, Netherlands Antilles were officially assigned the ISO code AN, this area has been dissolved into five separate territories in 2010:
  • Curaçao and Sint Maarten, which became ‘countries’ in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, are now assigned the ISO codes CW and SX respectively.
  • Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba, which became “special municipalities” of the Netherlands, are now assigned the ISO code NL (The collective entry “Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba” has been assigned ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code BQ but the area has not been officially given ‘country’ status).

There have been major NHS structural changes in the UK, which have been reflected in the Identify Database:

  • Strategic Health Authorities were abolished. These records have been deleted in Identify and consolidated into 4 new regions: South of England, North of England, Midlands and East, and London.
  • 27 new Local Area Teams have all been added in Identify within the hierarchy of corresponding regions. These entities perform direct commissioning and have some management/oversight functions.
  • Primary Care Trusts records in Identify have been renamed to their successor Clinical Commissioning Groups. And new records for any other Clinical Commissioning Groups have been created, a total of 211.

There have been major health reforms in Australia.  The Department of Health hierarchies for NSW and QLD within Identify have been completely reviewed:

  • NSW, 18 new Local Health Districts.
  • QLD, 17 new Hospital and Health Services.

Institutional records in the Identify Database are under constant review.  This year just over 50,000 records have been reviewed so far, including:

  • ID 17929 Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc/Actavis whole group name changed to Actavis.
  • ID 370533 Media Planning Group name change to Havas Media.

New JISC banding for HE institutions has been added to JISC members.


Our unique and free-to-download Infographics for July are available to download here. View interesting visual metrics and statistics for the Identify Database and CDO.

CDO News

Look out for improved Help links and information throughout the site. Please let us know if you require assistance with any aspect of using the Consortium Directory Online.

The following consortia have recently been added to CDO:

– British Columbia Libraries Cooperative (BCLC), ID 271029
– Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS), ID 126817

– Consortia SAS, ID 367426

– Helmholtz-Konsortium (HGF), ID 376584

Great Britain
– London Universities Purchasing Consortium, (LUPC), ID 376538

– Iraq Virtual Science Library (IVSL), ID 26014

– Red Mexicana de Bibliotecas Agropecuarias (REMBA), ID 250593,

– Nepal Library and Information Consortium (NeLIC), ID 361553

– CTK Slovenia (CTK), ID 244392

– Massachusetts Commonwealth Consortium of Libraries in Public Higher Education Institutions (MCCLPHE), ID 150093
– Health Electronic Resource for Washington State (HEAL-WA), ID 165933

Customer Support and Availability

The Ringgold team will be enjoying August Bank Holiday (UK) on Monday 26 August and Labor Day (USA) Monday 2 September. We will, however, be operating during these days with a reduced staff and will deal with any general or technical enquiries promptly upon our return.

Validate will still be available but customers will not receive reports until Tuesday 27 August. Identify will be updated on 27 August.

Have you had a change of staff since you started using our products? Let us know so that we can make sure they are getting the correct access and are informed about the latest technical updates.

Summer Fun

Some Summer-related institutions in the Identify Database:
ID 102417 – Sunny Brow Nursery School, GB
ID 187099 – Barbados Ministry of Tourism, BB
ID 84407 – Committee of French Parks and Gardens, FR
ID 127805 – Tanzania Airports Authority, TZ
ID 105988 – European International College of Hotel Management and Tourism, AE
ID 321702 – Sunny Isles Beach Branch Library, USA
ID 127739 – Nestle Ice Cream Srbija DA, RS
ID 202120 – British Swimming, GB
ID 354105 – Picnic Point Elementary School, USA
ID 161221 – National Cricket Academy, IN
ID 152785 – Stratford Festival, CAN