Customer Bulletin Spring 2019

We are excited to announce that we have passed the half million mark for records in the Identify Database!

The Ringgold ID was developed in 2003 to solve the problem of an increasingly complex organizational landscape, and by 2009 the Identify Database had grown to 100,000 records. With the database now growing yearly at a rate of 5% and change rate of 35%, we have now reached 500,000 unique IDs curated by our team of 40 skilled information professionals, covering the world of organizations which matter to our clients.

Ringgold continues to develop and update its services and we are pleased to announce a new database schema and an updated REST API.

Well-structured and accurate data for customers and authors is becoming ever more important in an environment where business models are transitioning to open access. We are always happy to discuss ways in which we can help you to improve your data, so please get in touch.

New Customers

Ringgold is delighted to welcome the following new customers:

  • Max Planck Digital Library
  • Naver Academic
  • Mavenview
  • Consortia Manager

Meet with Ringgold next week at SSP

We are looking forward to seeing some of you in San Diego next week as we gear up for the SSP Annual Conference May 29 – 31, for which Ringgold is delighted to be Silver Sponsor.

Stop by Booth 216A to discuss how Ringgold’s services can help you to structure your customer and author data so that it is ready for the new OA business models. Or get in touch to make an appointment – Beth Hoskins and Jean Brodahl will be on hand for any questions you may have.

New Identify Database Local Load schema v2.3 now available

We updated our schema for the Identify Database to now include new Ringgold Places data. An email with further detail was sent to main and technical contacts on May 2.

The new schema document can be found here:

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this upgrade:

Identify Database REST API v2.6 released

The Identify Database REST API has been updated to new version 2.6. The release notes are available on our Customer Support site: Identify Database API REST v2.6

The API has a new search engine, and a search tools document can be found on our Support site: Identify Database API REST Search Tools

Version 2.5 of the REST API is still available to use and also our SOAP API.

We’re constantly working in the background to enhance our services for you

Economic Model classification added for all Identify Records

We are pleased to announce that we have added Profit/Non-Profit classifications for the majority of the records in the Identify Database.

For-Profit organizations aim to generate profit for shareholders and Non-Profit organizations may create surplus revenue but the surplus is always used for the benefit of that organization.

Activity Status classification to be added for all new Identify Records

We currently include the activity status for all academic records in the Identify Database but we will now add this classification for all new records created.

Definitions are as follows:

  • Active – organization currently operating;
  • Dormant – organization temporarily not operation e.g. consortium which has temporarily halted activities due to lack of funding, but which intends to restart activities in the future;
  • Ceased – organization has ceased operations

Identify Database updates

So far this year our expert researchers have added 9,005 new records and updated 40,075 records in the Identify Database.

Our latest project has included updating records associated with the Indiana University Purdue University at Fort Wayne, which has split into two separate universities: Ringgold ID 14688 Purdue University Fort Wayne and ID 535095 Indiana University Fort Wayne. ID 14688 Purdue University Fort Wayne has taken over the majority of programs and departments of both institutions, while ID 535095 Indiana University Fort Wayne focuses on health sciences.

There has also been a split at Istanbul University – leading to the establishment of the new ID 532719 Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa. All related records in the database have been updated.

In the wake of the change to our naming policy last summer we have in addition conducted complete reviews of large academic hierarchies, including ID 13143 The University of Tokyo, ID 8166 The British University of Columbia, ID 4334 The University of Sydney, and ID 1415 The University of Auckland.

Other hierarchies which have been recently had updates include: the French energy agency and research network ID 522678 Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, ID 71046 China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and the Dassault Groupe, ID 532488.

CDO News

A new record has been added to the Consortia Directory Online, ID 514502 Projekt DEAL.

We have also recently updated some larger, active consortia records in CDO: Ringgold ID 138721 Max Planck, ID 52798 Couperin, ID 119747 KESLI, ID 231193 SDL, ID 100567 SURF, ID 318135 CUNY, and ID 05452 UKB. Please let us know if you would like us to review a particular consortium record in CDO.

ShareFile plugin change

ShareFile are upgrading the ShareFile TLS implementation. After 31 October 2019, TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 will be disabled.

Older ShareFile components, such as ShareFile Sync and the ShareFile Outlook Plug-in, will no longer function if they are not upgraded before October 31. If you use these tools to access Identify services then please upgrade soon. Click here for ShareFile download options and more information.

Customer Support

Please note, there may be a delay in replies from us this Monday 27 May due to US & UK public holidays.

Our Customer Support website is available 24/7 at Find detailed help and user guides for all of our products and services. Or you can contact us directly: