Customer Bulletin February 2011

Welcome to the February edition of the Ringgold Identify Database Bulletin. We have been busy with the database, our customers and partners this month.

Customer events

It was nice to see a number of you at the ASA Conference in London, earlier this month. UKSG in Harrogate, Yorkshire UK, is the next major event we will be attending. If you’d like to make an appointment to see us, please email

User Group meetings

There is still a little time for you to influence our decision around timings of the next US User Group meeting. We would love to hear whether you’d find it useful to have a meeting around SSP in June 2011 in Boston? Please let us know by 4th March 2011. We are debating the most useful times and locations for all User Group meetings in 2011. Please contact us at if you have any comments.

Database changes and use

Already this year we have added over 6,000 new records to our Identify database! There has been an increase in hospitals with over 1,300 being added so far in only two months.

We have recently created some new Types: academic/music, academic/sport, govt/homecare, public/util and public/vet. These will be implemented over the next few months. We would be interested to hear your requests for any new types which we will consider adding.

As our customer base matures, we find growing interest in the capabilities of our data for marketing purposes. An example of this is the use of the gap analysis function in OpenIdentify and the request for specific training sessions. Ringgold can help you appraise your market position and intelligently target prospects for sales growth. If you feel you would benefit from some additional training or a conversation about your use of the Ringgold data, please contact

Ringgold’s work with partners

Helen Henderson’s work with our partners is ongoing. She has been working with systems providers and standards organizations such as EDItEUR and NISO to make sure that they have the ability to use the Ringgold Identifier. On the systems side Advantage Computer Systems are a formal partner with many clients using Ringgold. We are always keen to set up formal partnerships with organizations whose clients want or use the Ringgold Identifier. One of the newer journal hosting platforms, Silverchair has some interesting services which will complement Ringgold’s services.

Carnegie update

The Carnegie Foundation released their 2010 update of the all-inclusive classifications at the end of January 2011. As we reported last month, we are working hard to incorporate them into our database, as an additional tier to go with our existing classifications. Further details about the 2010 update is available at