Christine Orr and ‘Adding Value to Your Publications Process’ at CESSE 2015

Christine Orr, Ringgold’s Sales Director for North America, was at the Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE) Annual Meeting in Norfolk VA during July 14-16 2015. She spoke about Ringgold’s expertise in ‘Institutional Identifiers in Practice’ at the session ‘Adding Value to Your Process: Supporting Researchers and Data Requirements’.

The use of institutional identifiers is becoming ever more important as the challenge of uniquely identifying organisations within an increasingly complex supply chain grows. As the CASRAI report identified there are already a number of identifiers available, with each offering differing attributes. The session looked at the increasing importance of these institutional identifiers, how they are used and the benefits they can provide, and why a simple question such as ‘which institution are we referring to?’ may not be as easy to answer as it first appears.