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The most comprehensive database of library consortia worldwide

The consortium market is forever changing – and challenging to navigate. Our clients often ask questions such as:

How do you know which consortia may be interested in your content?
What licensing terms will be most appealing?
ho are the members?

Ringgold’s Consortium Directory Online answers these questions and more, with rich data on almost 350 consortia around the globe. Backed with CDO, our clients improve strategic sales planning, and craft individual offers with greater confidence.

CDO Tools to Help Develop Target Lists, Inform Your Sales Strategy, and Define Prospects

Vendors licensed: One of the most effective ways of determining if your content will appeal to a consortium is to know what they currently license. CDO reveals the vendors whose content is licensed by consortia, content which may compete with or complement your own. 

Vendor OA deals: Effective 2021, those vendors that have announced Open Access agreements with the consortia are also listed in the downloadable PDFs.

Vendor analysis tool: See which consortia are licensing other vendors’ content but not your own – a powerful way to create prospect lists.

Specialist consortia: Find consortia only interested in select content such as medicine, health, sciences, law, and more.

Geographic regions: Filter by region and country, to align consortia prospects with broader sales strategy.

Licensing model: Find consortia which use “all in” or “opt in” licenses.

A Sales Tool to Get You Selling – Not Researching

Consortium records include contact details, member lists, licensing terms, and content acquisition policies. This information empowers your staff to quickly identify potential customers and begin crafting offers. CDO records are easily downloaded to aid your work and populate your CRM.

Ringgold: the Organization Experts

Consortia are some of the most complex organizations in the scholarly supply chain –  each has a different mix of member organizations and acquisition priorities that inform how they operate. Helping publishers understand organizations is Ringgold’s aim. With CDO we have expanded on the knowledge in the authoritative Identify Database, building out information specific to consortia and useful to consortia sales staff.

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