We have been working hard to provide you with updated records and new consortia in the Consortium Directory Online. Along with this, here are the latest developments in the consortia market.

Cyprus Academic Library Consortium (CALC) chooses ProQuest as information services provider

The Cyprus Academic Library Consortium, which consists of three public and four private universities in Cyprus, has signed an agreement with ProQuest. The information services company will provide researchers and academics with access to full-text journals and 30 databases, which cover a broad range of subjects, such as arts and humanities, business, health, science and technology, and social sciences.

Alexander Street Press in deal with JISC

Alexander Street Press has signed a contract with JISC providing colleges and universities in the UK with access to the publisher’s video resources.  The agreement is based on an evidence-based acquisition (EBA) model: for one year colleges and universities have unlimited access to the Alexander Street Press’ complete collection of academic video resources, 33,000 titles altogether. At the end of the contract period library staff can analyse the publisher’s detailed metrics to establish usage patterns and select the titles they would like to add to their permanent collection.

Max Planck Digital Library and SPIE in open-access agreement

The Max Planck Digital Library has negotiated an open access agreement with SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics on behalf of the Max Planck Society, with 82 institutes one of Germany’s largest public research networks. Articles published in SPIE journals by researchers based at the Max Planck Society’s 82 research institutes, will be open access. The Max Planck Society will pay publication fees for articles published in any of the ten SPIE titles.

The Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL) is the information and library services unit of the Max Planck Society. It is responsible for negotiating consortial licence agreements for the institutes within the research network.

New Consortia added to CDO

Please find below a list of consortia we have added to the directory since the last CDO newsletter.  Among them are CCSR, CNUDST, IMIST, and SNDL – records created due to a client request. So if you would like us to add records for consortia you are dealing with, please feel free to contact us:

  • Algeria: Système National de Documentation en Ligne (SNDL)
  • Canada: Centre Collégial des Services Regroupés (CCSR)
  • Cyprus: Cyprus Academic Library Consortium (CALC)
  • Italy: Biblioteca Elettronica di Scienze Economiche e Sociali del Piemonte (BESS)
  • Morocco: Institut Marocain de lInformation Scientifique et Technique/Consortium CNRST-Universités Marocaines (IMIST)
  • Spain: Biblioteca Virtual de Ciencies de la Salut de les Illes Balears (Bibliosalut)
  • Tunisia: Centre National Universitaire de Documentation Scientifique et Technique (CNUDST) 

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Moritz Schick, CDO Editor.