Meet Ringgold’s new CDO Editor, Moritz Schick:

Let me introduce myself as your new CDO editor. Before joining Ringgold’s Production Team as a German language expert I worked for over ten years as a researcher for a variety of German publishers and British media companies. Part of my role here at Ringgold was to support Stephanie’s work by researching and updating the member lists of consortia. Therefore my new role as CDO editor covers familiar territory, but it is at the same time an exciting challenge.

It is my ambition to continue Stephanie’s excellent work and develop CDO further, in particular by focusing on adding new consortia from emerging markets. Despite the change, the team has continued to keep the database up-to-date with the latest information.

Here are some new developments which are worth noting:

NERL moves its operations to CRL

The North East Research Libraries Consortium (NERL) relocated its operations to the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) in April 2013. NERL consists of 28 member academic research libraries and around 80 affiliates under the leadership of Yale University.

Chicago-based CRL is an international consortium of university, college and independent research libraries. It focuses on acquiring and preserving primary sources such as newspapers, journals, documents and archives, and making them available to scholars and researchers who work in the fields of humanities, sciences and social sciences. Over the last two years CRL has started to negotiate with publishers in behalf of its member libraries, and has managed to acquire licences for several databases.

Under the new arrangement NERL will be managed as a cooperative program by CRL. It allows NERL to preserve a high degree of autonomy, but also to create synergies between its own and CRL’s licensing activities.

New Consortia Added to CDO

After the organizational changes of the last few months we are now vigorously focusing on adding new members to our database. For example, our Chinese language expert is currently researching a series of China and Taiwan-based consortia, which will be added soon. Here are the latest new additions to CDO:

In order to improve our service, we are always keen to hear from you. If you have found any consortia records which you wish to use and require immediate updating, or have any suggestions for future CDO developments, please feel free to contact us at  Also, do keep an eye on our Twitter feed where we announce new consortia additions as they are made.

You may have noticed improved CDO help via the Support button. We will be adding more help links throughout the CDO site in the coming weeks. 

Moritz Schick, CDO Editor.