Case Studies

Ringgold enables clients to drive their business by enhancing their data

Learn how some of our clients and partners applied Ringgold’s solutions to their most important challenges

Our services provide publishers and intermediaries clean, well-structured, and authoritative data about organizations and scholarly works. In today’s data-driven environment, quality data solutions are more critical than ever.

 The Identify Database gives us a backbone, a well-known and trusted structure from which we can build and provide more functuality around organizations. 


  By using Ringgold’s data along with ISNI’s open standard bridge identifier, we consolidated organizational information that was once scattered through a disconnected array of national and international systems.  

João Moreira, FCT Head of Scientific Information

  We have seen significant process efficiencies from the implementation of the Ringgold ID across systems… a 360-degree view of customer data intelligence which allows us to make better choices. 

Fabio Bertolini, Brill Project Manager

  We are proud to support the Society for Neuroscience’s data governance efforts; knowledge gleaned from these transformed information assets will guide the society forward. 

Ringgold Inc

  With publishers requiring accurate and clean metadata as early in the publishing process as possible, integrating Identify with Editorial Manager became an important workflow enhancement for our clients and
their authors. 

Richard Wynne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

  Ringgold’s New Identify Classifications have been really helpful for segmenting and targeting our markets for both existing and new products. A query that might have taken weeks of data gathering to answer, can now be answered in two minutes! 

Zoe Loveland, Senior Director of Academic Segment Planning

  Using the Identify Audit Service to validate our tier adjustments simply took the argument off the table; librarians found our method and results irrefutable. Ringgold was of invaluable help.  

Patrick Hansard, Director of Marketing and Sales

  It was difficult to get a full picture of usage across all products at an institution. Now, those figures are very easy to get. 

Sarah Wright, Director of Customer Services

  Ringgold’s role as an ISNI registration agency, coupled with the scope and accepted authority of the Identify Database, made them the most appropriate partner. 

Laurel Haak, Executive Director