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High-Quality Data for Association Development

Spend Time Fulfilling Your Mission – Not Wrangling Your Data

Effective association management depends upon the ability to leverage your data to guide strategic development and support your members. Ringgold ensures your data is fit for purpose: standardized, interoperable, and suitable for decision support.

Organizations play multiple roles in any AMS: affiliations of members and meeting attendees, donors, corporate members, customers, and more. Ringgold’s Identify Database covers them all, providing you a curated global reference file of over 600,000 organizations, complete with metadata to provide additional insight into your constituents. By helping to transform data into an asset, Ringgold can empower associations to support their members and achieve their missions.

The Identify Database allows you to normalize and enrich your data so that you can:

Identify Database: a singular resource

The Identify Database aims to be a complete reference database of organizations to support master data management:

Ringgold: a Trusted Data Partner

Since 2005, the Identify Database has been adopted by more than 80 association & scholarly publishers, universities, and organizations active in science and research.   
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Ringgold Organization Identifier   

  • Unique numerical ID to disambiguate each organization
  • Facilitates linking between systems
  • Links to ISNI, IPEDS, NCES, Open Funder Registry IDs

Geographic & Demographic Metadata    

  • Up to 25 pieces of structured data: Location, Subjects, Tiers, Industry Sector, Size, and more
  • Augments understanding of each organization
  • Powers multifaceted analysis

Parent / Child Links   

  • The most complete hierarchical structures available
  • Reveal connections between related organizations such as departments and universities, subsidiaries, government agencies.
  • Enables reporting at any level of an organization

Get started

License options: Annual subscription or perpetual use licenses are available. Fees are based on the size of your organization

Delivery formats: Identify Database licenses include access to support a variety of workflows & implementations:

  • Local hosting: complete database or delta files delivered weekly
  • API / webservice
  • Identify Online interface

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Identify Audit Service: Let Ringgold’s experts normalize & enrich your data. More information >>

Validate Service: The fastest way to request a new master record and Ringgold ID. More information >>

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