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CCC Integrating Ringgold Identify Database into RightsLink for Open Access 
Sept 2014
Copyright Clearance Center has partnered with Ringgold.
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Enter the Ringgold Dirty Data Home Run Derby at SSP's Annual Meeting
. May 2014
A unique chance to win some clean data that you can use.

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Jay Henry on Connecting People, Places and Things May 2014
Ringgold’s Chief Operating Officer spoke at the 2014 Council of Science Editor's Annual Meeting about scholars, institutions and publications.
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Phil Nicolson on Unique Identifiers for Business Partners: progress with ISNI, the Ringgold ID and ORCID
April 2014
Phil Nicolson, Ringgold’s Data Manager, spoke at the 2014 UKSG Annual Conference in Harrogate
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Ringgold ID's to be available in version 11.0 of Aries System Corp's Editorial Manager and ProduXion Managers.
Jan 2014
Aries makes announcement in their latest corporate newsletter
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Laura Cox on Institutional Identifiers internally and throughout the supply chain at ALPSP seminar. Jan 2014
Ringgold's President, Laura Cox,
spoke at the seminar 'Data, The Universe and Everything: How Data Can Drive Your Business' on 22 January in London. 
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Ringgold Webinar Series for 2014 - New Year's Resolution: Getting Your Data Into Shape
Dec 2013
Join our webinars for a comprehensive view of the data landscape, an introduction to available solutions from Ringgold, and a discussion of the possibilities that can be realized with high-quality data.
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Organizational affiliations now part of ORCID record Dec 2013
Researchers and contributors may now link education and employment affiliations to their ORCID Records. The affiliated organizations in the ORCID registry will be validated against the Identify database of institutions provided by Ringgold. >> more

Christine Orr on 'Spring Cleaning Customer Data' at Charleston Conference. Nov 2013
Ringgold's North American Sales Director, Christine Orr, discussed the importance of clean and standardized data at this year's even in South Carolina.
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ORCID using Ringgold as Registration Agency for Institutional Identifiers. June 2013
ORCID has entered into an agreement with Ringgold to provide its database of institutional entities and associated unique institutional identifiers, in the form of Ringgold IDs and the forthcoming ISNI numbers.
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Vice President of Sales & Marketing Jay Henry on why web scale discovery matters, the role off metadata, and an appeal for standards. June 2013
Jay was in San Francisco speaking at the 2013 SSP conference session What Publishers Need to Know About Discovery Services.
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Ringgold launches ProtoView, a  single-source of enhanced metadata creation and dissemination to drive content discovery, use and purchase. Apr 2008
Ringgold is delighted to announce a new service for publishers which simplifies the process of creating and disseminating comprehensive metadata for web-scale discovery and Demand-Driven Acquisition. ProtoView puts quality book, e-book and database information in the hands of end-users at the point of use and purchase.
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Rubbish in Rubbish out: applying good data governance techniques to gain maximum benefit from publisher data. April 2013
Phil Nicholson, Ringgold's Data Manager, gave a presentation at the recent UKSG Annual Conference in Bournemouth. 
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Ringgold's New Subject Taxonomy Now Published and being considered by COUNTER for the Journal Usage Factor. Mar 2013
Ringgold Inc is proud to announce the publication of its new subject taxonomy, Ringgold Subjects, and it is being considered for adoption by COUNTER for use in classifying journals for the Journal Usage Factor (JUF).
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Pulling Together: Information Flow Throughout the Scholary Supply Chain Mar 2013

At the recent ASA 2013 conference Chief Marketing Officer for Ringgold, Laura Cox, talked through the problems of information flow throughout the scholarly supply chain.
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Identify Database New Hierarchy Subscription Display Jan 2013
For clients using Identify Online, and who have their audited subscription data hosted, we are pleased to announce an enhancement to make discovering your total holdings within an organization easier and clearer.
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Introducing 'The Ringgold Challenge'. July 2012
Do you know enough about your customers to drive your business forward? With 'The Ringgold Challenge' you can check with our survey that scores your organization's customer data management against proposed best practice.
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Ringgold acquires Book News Inc. July 2012
Ringgold has has acquired Book News Inc, a Portland based company serving academic and scholarly publishers.
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Ringgold becomes the first contracted ISNI Registration Agency for Institutions. June 2012

Ringgold has contracted with the ISNI International Agency to be the first ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier) Registration Agency for institutional identification.
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Identify database breaks 300,000 records barrier. May 2012
Ringgold is delighted to announce that the Identify database now contains over 300,000 institutional records.
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Publishers Communication Group partners with Ringgold to extend new Targeted Institutional Sales Program to Publishers
. March 2012
Sales and marketing service provider Publishers Communication Group (PCG) and information supply chain consultancy Ringgold, Inc. announce a new partnership to leverage their respective strengths in creating a high-impact sales service for publishers.
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Ringgold Inc. has acquired Frontline Global Marketing Services.
Sept 2011
Ringgold Inc. has acquired Frontline Global Marketing Services Ltd (Frontline GMS) and its database, the Consortium Directory Online (CDO) and Laura Cox joins Ringgold's senior management team as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
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Frontline GMS and Ringgold launch unique consortium resource. April 2011
The Consortium Directory Online (CDO), a collaboration between Frontline GMS and Ringgold, has now been launched and is available at www.consortiumdirectory.com
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Frontline GMS Consortium Directory hosted by Ringgold. Sept 2010
The Consortium Directory, originally published by Frontline GMS Ltd will become available as an online database in partnership with Ringgold Inc, creating a unique resource for the information industry.
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Ringgold appoints Diane Cogan as European Sales Consultant.
Feb 2010
Diane Cogan joins Ringgold sales team.
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EBSCO Publishing - The First Aggregator to Implement Ringgold Identifier. Dec 2009
A new agreement between EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) and Ringgold announces the implementation of the Ringgold Institutional Identifier within EBSCOhost databases.
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Frontline GMS and Ringgold Exchange Data on Library Consortia. Nov 2009
Frontline GMS and Ringgold have entered into an agreement to exchange data on worldwide library consortium membership.
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DataSalon and Ringgold launch online hierarchy viewer to unlock the value of relationships between organizations. Nov 2009
Partnership provides publishers with a user-friendly hosted service to visualize and explore the often complex relationships between libraries, departments, universities and consortia.
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Kinokuniya Company Ltd. first Subscription Agent to implement Ringgold Identifier. Nov 2009 
Ringgold and the Kinokuniya Company Ltd have agreed to work together to enhance the accuracy of the entries of the Japanese institutions within Ringgold's OpenIdentify database, and to implement the Ringgold Institutional Identifier within Kinokuniya systems and supply the Identifier to publishers in the future.
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Ringgold and DataSalon agree strategic partnership for enhanced analysis of publishers' customer data   Mar 2009
Ringgold and DataSalon are pleased to announce a strategic partnership combining Ringgold's Identify database and DataSalon's MasterVision platform, providing publishers with a complete solution for the analysis of their existing customer base and for targeting the most appropriate new sales prospects.
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Identify Database Reaches 125,000 Feb 2009
Ringgold is pleased to announce that its Identify worldwide database of institutions and related metadata now exceeds 125,000 records, the latest benchmark set late in 2007 when the database contained fewer than 75,000 records. Each record contains a unique identifier and other essential information about the institution and its relationship to other organizations, including its consortia memberships, affiliated purchasing groups and other related institutions, each displayed in its hierarchy with its "parent and children".
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Ringgold and Ingenta pioneer centralization of institutional authentication data. May 2008 
Ingenta, the technology provider that connects the publishing and information industries, is pleased to announce a new agreement with Ringgold, the company that creates and maintains a hierarchic database of identifiers for institutions to support publishers and other parties in the delivery of e-content within the information supply chain.
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THINK Subscription Incorporates the Ringgold Identifier. Apr 2008
THINK Subscription, the leading provider of subscription management and fulfillment software for physical and digital content, today announced the incorporation of the Ringgold Identifier into the THINK Enterprise software suite.
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Thomson Scientific collaborates with Ringgold, Inc. to offer journal analysis database expanded. Mar 2008
Thomson Scientific, a leading provider of information solutions to the worldwide research and business communities, and Ringgold, Inc. have announced the availability of Journal Analysis Database Expanded (JADE), which allows users to see a detailed analysis of authors and subscribers of a journal, or set of journals, using precisely defined definitions of the "publishing institutions" to which those authors and subscribers belong.
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