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Updated: 02 December, 2001


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ILL Update
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Inter Library Loan update

Since the establishment of the ISO 10160 standard defining automated Inter Library Loan procedures, a number of products have emerged into the market place - both as stand alone packages and as integrated modules within library systems. Without doubt ILL and document delivery systems are set to make a big impact in procedures for inter library and personal document trading. This is an update combining several new announcements.

Biblio Tech Review is planning a more detailed review of some of the products mentioned here for a future issue.


OLIB VDX, Pigasus Wings, epixtech - RSS, TKM - Interlend, TLC - Library Connect, The Future, IPIG,

New ILL/document delivery option for OLIB7

Fretwell-Downing Informatics officially launched the new VDXrequest option for OLIB7 at the recent Library and Information Show, Birmingham, England.

This new functionality combines end-user document requesting facilities with comprehensive request management functionality.  VDXrequest has been developed using expertise gained by Fretwell-Downing Informatics from involvement in a number of leading-edge EU funded research projects including DALI and UNIverse.

End users can place requests, using OLIB7ís WebView interface, for items found from the local database or via Z39.50 remote database searches. The request screen is automatically completed with the details from the retrieved record, and the user details appended by the system. Users can then check the progress of requests from their desktop. Alternatively, blank request forms can be completed onscreen. 

A key feature of VDXrequest is its ability to auto-suggest where requests may be satisfied from, which is particularly useful for journal requests. The system will check the information entered in a request against the journal holdings information, and present a list of potential sources.

All OLIB7ís WorldView standard search and reporting facilities are available enabling staff to process requests effectively and manage supplier responses. The system allows requests between library branches in addition to supporting ISO ILL protocols for external message transfer, which ensures compatibility with a wide range of suppliers including The British Library via ARTemail.

VDXrequest also supports electronic document delivery so enabling electronic items to be delivered directly to the end user, via their desktop.

VDX will be launched as a stand alone package at the IFLA exhibition and conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16th 21st August 1998.


This charming acronym describes the The ILL Protocol Implementors Group (IPIG).  It also explains the pig jokes endemic at Pigasus Software.  IPIG can be contacted at: ldd/ipig/ipig.shtml Full designation is North American Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Project: ILL Protocol Implementers Group (NAILDD IPIG) - a ARL project. Focus is implementation of the international interlibrary loan protocol ISO 10160/10161.

Another useful contact is the Interlibrary Loan Application Standards Maintenance Agency at so/ill/

The Future

Just as Z39.50 has become a mandatory requirement in many system tenders, so ISO ILL protocols will become.  In fact ISO 10160/61 is the reason for having Z39.50 or to put it another way, if you have Z39.50 then ISO 10160/61 makes it DO something other than just fetch a MARC record.  System builders will need to incorporate ISO protocols in their products by either developing their own systems or using other companies' products - so watch out for deals being done over the next few months.

Wings from Pigasus: first release

First announced at the ALA Midwinter conference in January 1998, Wings - a stand alone ILL package from Pigasus Software Inc. - has been released.

Edited Press Release - June 12, 1998

St. Charles, Missouri, USA -- Pigasus Software, Inc., is very pleased to announce the first release of Wings, its flagship interlibrary loan and document delivery system. Wings is flexible enough to automate virtually any Interlibrary Loan or Document Delivery Department, whether the library is a net lender, net borrower, standalone institution, consortium member, or central clearinghouse. Through the use of ISO and industry standards, Wings can communicate with virtually any other interlibrary loan office or integrated library system.

Wings features a high level of customization. Taking advantage of web-based technology, networked library communities, and developing standards in intercommunication, Wings is an exceptionally inclusive package. The simple Wings interface streamlines staff workflow for managing all sorts of requests with all sorts of institutions. The highly customizable nature of the interface allows the software to conform to the libraryís existing workflow rather than requiring staff to be retrained.

Patrons benefit from Wings. People can reach out with Wings from the comfort of their home or the convenience of their workplace. Wings lets them enter their own requests and track the progress of requests they have previously submitted.

Wings allows library staff to centralize records, reports, and workflow for both borrowing and lending tasks with any other institution. Routine tasks can be automated, freeing staff time to provide even better service. Wings communicates via the ISO 10160/10161 protocol, the Extended Request Protocol, formatted e-mail, fax, or paper ALA form as appropriate for the technology of the institution at hand. Regardless of the particular hardware or software each library runs for its integrated library system (ILS), Wings allows communication between them using the appropriate mechanism for that pair of institutions.

The ISO 10160/10161 capabilities of Wings are provided by using The Library Corporationís ILL Tool kit for which Pigasus Software has a recently signed multi-year license to combine ILL Connect with Wings and receive on-going product support from TLC.

Pigasus Software, Inc., is an active member of the North American Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Projectís ILL Protocol Implementors Group (NAILDD IPIG), whose focus is implementation of the international interlibrary loan protocol ISO 10160/10161.

For further information on Wings and the Extended Request Protocol, contact Pigasus Software, Inc. Toll-free: (877) PIGS-FLY Voice: (314) 447-3030 Fax: (314) 447-3232 Email: US Mail: 65 Charleston Square, St. Charles, MO 63304 USA

Epixtech - RSS

RSS from epixtech (previously Ameritech) was the first of the ISO compliant ILL packages to be released for beta testing with a number of libraries in the USA about a year ago - June 1997.  It has since been on general release through 2 versions and is used by a fair number of US libraries.  It is available as a stand alone package and can be integrated into the Ameritech LMS products: Dynix, Horizon, Notis, WebCat. It will interwork with any ISO 10160/61 compliant package. More information from:

TKM - InterLend

Interlend is a stand alone package and comes from the Canadian company TKM.  Contact

TLC - ILL Connect and Library Request

TLC have developed ILL Connect - a middleware solution that allows developers to build distributed ISO standard ILL applications on heterogeneous platforms with hardware, operating system, network and protocol level independence. In addition, the product is completely scaleable and enables the building and deployment of ILL management, document delivery and resource sharing applications faster and more easily through ILL Connect's advanced system configuration. This product is used as the basis for the Wings product from Pigasus Software Inc. and TLC's own product Library Request.

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