CDO Newsletter Spring 2015

The latest consortia and CDO news from our CDO Editor Moritz Schick. Over the past few months we have been reviewing a large number of consortia records: among them CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal De Nível Superior) in Brazil, one of the most active licensing consortia in the world.

The lack of a public member directory had previously made it difficult to establish all of the institutions participating in CAPES. But thanks to the persistent efforts of our Brazilian country expert this year we have managed to secure a member list from the Brazilian Ministry of Higher Education (the agency funding CAPES) and provide our record with a complete directory of all participants.

Besides updating the member lists of our consortium records, we also monitor new vendor agreements. Here are a few developments, which may interest you:

PALCI (Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium Inc) announces eBooks pilot with JSTOR

PALCI - a consortium representing 69 academic and research libraries in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, and New York - has announced a DDA (demand-driven acquisition) eBooks pilot with JSTOR. During the 2015 Spring semester all PALCI member libraries will have unlimited access to the more than 20,000 titles on offer via JSTOR.  If deemed successful, the pilot will be turned into a fully-fledged programme.

More than 32 PALCI members are already participating in a demand-driven acquisition programme with EBSCO and Ebrary since a pilot from spring 2014 was turned into a full agreement.

Consortium Luxembourg in deal with Nature Publishing Group

Consortium Luxembourg has signed a contract with Nature Publishing Group, providing its users with unlimited access to the titles on Complete. Earlier this year the consortium also entered into licence agreements with French legal publisher Éditions Francis Lefebvre and German publisher Walter de Gruyter.
Consortium Luxembourg consists of the National Library of Luxembourg, the University of Luxembourg and three research institutes. It maintains the digital library, which not only serves its member organizations, but also the general public. has seen sustained investment in content and technical tools over the last ten years.

New consortia added to CDO

Please find below a list of consortia records we have recently added. If you would like us to add records for consortia that you are dealing with, please feel free to contact us via our feedback form on the CDO site. It provides you with a direct link to our team, so that you can raise log-in issues, request checks on consortia you are intending to contact, or inform us about consortia missing from our directory.

We are always happy to hear your tips and suggestions about future developments to CDO. You can email us at You can also find us on Skype at ‘ringgoldinc’.  And keep an eye on our Twitter feed, where we announce new additions.

With best wishes,
Moritz Schick, CDO Editor, and the rest of the Ringgold team.